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The Splatter Shield






"Great concept, this is not just for potty training, I have an 8 year old son that can be careless when going to the bathroom, this device is a God send. I love it!"

This is a great product. It has made potty training easy and less messy. He does it all himself now.


"We use this for my eleven year old who has special needs. So far it works great! He feels better about not making a mess and of course I love that I don't have to clean his floor several times a day. I would recommend this product to anyone with little boys."

"I absolutely love this product. I have two boys, ages 10 and 7, it has absolutely spared us from having to repaint the wall and radiator situated near the toilet. Having a young, autistic boy helped tremendously during potty training. Have recommended to many parents and teachers, as well, No more smelly floors and walls. Thank You for this wonderful invention."

" I love this thing sooo much. I had originally purchased the peter potty but it was too much of a hassle emptying it out, especially when he got the hang of it. My 3 yr. now goes without hesitation, absolutely loves it, feels like a big boy! I have a hand held water sprayer attached to the toilet and just rinse it off when he's done. Whoever invented this is a genius!"

 Love it!

I love this shield. It immediately ended my step-son from peeing over the back part of the bowl


Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Excellent  product for my son and husband.

 Love it

By Amazon Customer on June 11, 2017

This is such an amazing invention. I have a son with ASD who started potty training last year at 3 years old. He preferred to pee standing up but had a hard time aiming. Cleaning up the mess afterwards without this thing was work. But with this shield helped so much. He is aiming better but I still use it just in case. This is a god send.

Save your sanity, Moms, & buy this!!!

By Christine on July 2017

Nice & tall to catch it all, provided little one is standing in front of the toilet and not on the side. Cleans easily. I just spray it down with my favorite cleaner and it drips down into the potty. It's also easy to pick it up by the handle and rinse in the sink or tub. I've tried the Splashdown Trainer before this. The Splatter Shield is FAR superior. Love it!!! My four-year-old took to it immediately and is so proud of himself!

By Amazon Customer on May 1,Best purchase for special needs 12 year old boy, who can't aim well!

 I love these comments. Here's the latest one just received---I really love an appreciate this item. You made my life an little stress free from cleaning so much. An my youngest son is starting to stand up more when using the bathroom. Thank you.

 My son was potty traing and always waited till I was busy to tell me. He needed to urinate so bad he was about to go in the spot he was standing in so then he would run to the tolite and go all over his pants the rug and the walls. After i got this he actually started going on his own. Its a life saver or a wall saver.

This shield is just great for protecting your walls and wallpaper from the mis-aim of your little boys. Being the mother of twin boys this has been a lifesaver from washing walls and floors on a daily basis. Would recommend, in fact i am buying another 

Best invention ever! As a mother of 3 boys I could never ever keep them from NOT spraying everything. It felt like I was cleaning toilets everyday. I came across this on Amazon and went directly to the website to order. Funny enough the company is right next to my city. I couldn't be happier with this product. It keeps everything inside the toilet and less smell and cleaning for me which is always a plus. The guard is also very easy to clean, remove and place back on. Very happy customer and couldn't recommend enough... 

No more pee on the back of the toilet and all over the floor and no more blaming dad for being a pig when the boy has not yet learned how to point! I highly recommend this product for learning disabled boys how want to stand to pee but do not understand that they have to point.