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The Splatter Shield


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A Unique Toilet Shield Designed to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Save yourself the frustration and back ache of cleaning your floors and walls after a bathroom misfire with The Splatter Shield. Our patent-pending toilet shield is exceptionally easy to use. All you have to do is clip the unit on the rim with the seat up and you're good to go. Its unique, egg-shaped form funnels everything into the toilet bowl. The shell sits below the rim and the tab on the back prevents the unit from coming lose. We highly recommend keeping it on as little ones often run in and out of the bathroom in the blink of an eye!

The Ultimate Potty Training Accessory

 Unlike floor potties and other toilet training aids that have to be dumped and scrubbed after every use, The Splatter Shield has been designed to be both sanitary and convenient. Cleanup is a breeze. Simply spray it with your preferred cleaner and wipe it clean. A sanitary tab on top keeps fingers away from the shield itself. Potty training boys also aids in children with disabilities and autism.

Saving Toilets, Floors, & Walls from Unfortunate Misfires

 Your little boy wants to mimic his daddy in every way, even how he uses the restroom. Unfortunately, height and skill aren't always in agreement and misfires happen. Cleaning up such accidents can be frustrating, especially in those hard-to-reach places, SUCH AS THE HINGES THAT ATTACH THE SEAT TO THE BOWL. That is where The Splatter Shield comes into play. Our toilet aid prevents splatters, keeping everything in the bowl where it should be.